Compo rules – English version

AmiParty XXI – Rules and Competitions

General information

– entries can be sent via email to: or submitted in person during the party,

– deadline for submitting entries in person: Saturday 12th August – 17:00 (05:00 PM),

– deadline for submitting remote entries: Saturday 12th August – 13:00,

– compos will be held on Saturday, 12th August – 19:00,

– only people present during the party can vote (voting cards will be handed out at 19:30, Saturday),

– if you have any questions, querries or doubts regarding compo rules please send them to:,

– a text file to each entry must be attached. It has to have an identical name and a .txt extension & contents just like the one in the template. The file has to be filled in with proper data :),

– each participant can submit up to two entries in each category,

– compo entries may not have been released before,

– here are the compo machines: (MSX Protracker/MSX Multichannel/GFX Compos): Amiga 4000/CSPPC/WB 3.9 CV64 (sold), Amiga 1200/060; Mac Mini G4/MorphOS,

– voting cards will be collected directly after finishing all Compos. Results will be announced as soon as the votes are counted – an hour or two after collecting voting cards. We will do our best to publish the results on: http:/, Facebook and PPA as soon as possible.

GFX Compo:

– IFF format – all entries will be shown using Delux Paint IV on A4000 A1200. All OCS/ECS/AGA (PAL/NTSC) modes are accepted. Entries in all other formats will be rejected.

MSX Protracker Compo:

– modules in Protracker format will be played on A4000 A1200 (Paula) – using Protracker 2.3e, 

– time limit per module is 5 minutes – if the module is longer then it will be faded out.

MSX Multichannel:

– modules in any format. Here are the used programs: Digibooster 1.7 (Amiga 4000 1200), Milkytracker (MorphOS, AmigaOS 4.x) or DigiBooster 3.x (MorphOS),

– time limit per module is 5 minutes – if the module is longer then it will be faded out.

Wild/exe Compo:

  • any work (demo, intro, dentro, game, slideshow, e.t.c) in amiga executable file, on bootable floppy or floppy image file. Compo machines: Amiga 500/ECS/1MB Chip RAM/4MB Fast RAM/HDD, Amiga 1200/060, Amiga 4000/060, Mac mini/MorphOS 3.x.