General informations

AmiParty XXV is going to take place 16-18 August 2019, our party place, as always, will be IMAGE office in Chełm, at 30 Hutnicza street.


Party place: 

  • for those arriving by car – a MAP,
  • if you are going to arrive by train, you should jump out on ‚Chełm’ station (NOT ‚Chełm Miasto’ station), then you just need to go across a footbridge and then you should go 300 meters in Dorohusk direction,
  • in case of any problems don’t hesitate to give me a call +48 883 609 777.
  • in planning your journey from your homeland we suggest you to stick to following sites: skyscanner (flights), e-podróżnik (travelling across Poland). If you need any support from our side, just approach us! (+48 883 609 777,
  • lots of people will arrive from various areas of Poland. It’s very possible that some of them will be glad to give you a ride. This is community thread where we discuss this edition of AmiParty. Feel free to ask about anything there in English. We’ll be glad to make your stay memorable. 🙂



  • no free rooms left in party place building, but still you can make use of floor or furniture if this is your preference. Just take your sleeping bag. We have showers!
  • Maria hotel at 26 Przemysłowa street (about 1 km from party place). Booking by phone: +48 82 563 23 49 or +48 796-112-208,
  • Albatros hotel at 73 Rampa Brzeska street (very very close to the party place). They have breakfasts! Booking by phone: +48 82 565 65 64
  • in case of any problems related to communication with polish hotels/institutions feel free to let us know, we will help (+48 883 609 777,


Meals, bars and supermarkets: 

  • pizza/kebab on call,
  • ‚Biedronka’ supermarket near rail-way station,
  • kitchen at the party place (kettle, gas stove, fridge, oven, microwave, mugs, pots, plates, cutlery).



  • Every ‚party-san’ can bring on the table just one compute/console. Remember to have your own power cords, power strips, splitters and patch-cords. We expect lots of people to come over.


Internet access: 

  • Internet access will be provided by wired and wireless Ethernet, if your hardware requires rare WiFi standards you can bring your own access point. If you have your own broadband modem/router – there should be no issue with cell range.